Damien Hirst 'The Currency'

Damien Hirst 'The Currency'

I have been trying for a few hours to get myself to write an article about ‘’The Currency’’ by Damian Hirst, but my procrastination levels have hit red.

What is it that’s holding me back? Why can’t I just power through and write about it?

Well, how can I write about something I don't like while remaining true to my opinion and publishing an article that doesn't revolve around negativity? I tried to kick off with a presentation of the project, but it has been covered so many times , it wouldn’t make for an interesting read. Maybe a story on the background of the artist and his history? Nah who gives a fuck. Maybe I could do it to fill some lines.

Ughhhh so boring….. I couldn't get myself to do it, but then a cool idea struck me. What if I read someone else’s article that is really positive and hits ‘’all the right spots’’ and I paraphrase it to feel like I wrote it? This way they can't catch me…

Okay lads, we have a plan now…

2 minutes later I was bored again , just paraphrased one sentence and realised this is going to take an equal amount of effort as writing it myself. FUCK

A new bright idea creeped into my brain.

  • Open google

  • Search: paraphrase text AI

I know, right? I was so proud of myself… After fucking around with text bots for an unhealthy amount of time, i was bored. The paraphrasing wasn’t coming out to my liking, it’s too obvious! If someone tries to catch me in the future when I am a media baron there will be a scandal. So I have to act now if I want to avoid a future scandal.

Oh shit! Okay back to writing the article, time is passing and I'm not getting an inch closer. Okay, that plan didn’t work. Maybe try a completely different approach.

Let’s focus on the technical part, was the next thought that came to mind. I can masquerade my bias through technical data and try to offer the most mathematically correct opinion which in the end will be bad no matter what because my bias wouldn’t let me do otherwise. Ugghhhhhh god damn it!

Time is still passing, stress levels are rising as publishing hours get closer.

A loud DM just passed through, some internet anon fren is saying Damian Hirst Drop is oversubscribed. OH shit! If it pumps then i have to write about it.

Okay starting over:

The HENI homepage is featuring “The Currency’’ drop, it has all the info you need, should you decide to be interested https://www.heni.com/  

Here is my opinion about it:

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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