Daily Gwei - Fuel For Thought

Daily Gwei - Fuel For Thought

The Daily Gwei ecosystem provides education, tools and resources to keep you in the loop with everything happening in the Ethereum ecosystem, whereas The Daily Gwei Refuel is the podcast where you get tonnes of value and perspective. Refuel covers what happened in the Ethereum and crypto ecosystems over the previous 24 hours by none other than Anthony Sassano  (no one can beat his style of introduction to refuel)

Sassal has been a phenomenal personality and an influential figure in the Ethereum community, Though, he has been involved with multiple projects, like Polygon, Set Protocol, Index Coop, mstable, and many others. We want our viewers to meet the person who is a Co-founder of ETHhub and Founder of The Daily Gwei, Both are Educational ecosystems where everyone has a chance to learn, contribute, make a mark for themselves in this space. To spice it up there are alphas from time to time 😉.

 What does it cost you for all the benefits??

 Nothing, yeah folks, absolutely nothing. Daily Gwei discord is a fun interactive library, Crypto space can be sometimes difficult to navigate, there are scams left and right.

We are featuring already 2 exploits that happened this week, and when we look back, millions if not billions of dollars worth of Crypto are either lost, stolen, and scammed with Ponzi and pyramid schemes. We wanted to feature those who shine the light and uplift those who are in dark, Sassal is one of the very few to have walked that path in tough times when there were uncertainties about ETH’s future and he directly shares his wisdom and perspective non-stop in every medium possible.

“Real Poverty Is Lack Of Education”

Most people who dive into crypto end up being traders, or lose hope during a single bear market. What could be the reason for this FUD ?? The most obvious reason is lack of knowledge and fake financial advisors acting like saints who exploit the situation to push people into investing in scam projects and shitcoins. Daily Gwei has served as a platform that provides education with no matter who you are and which part of the world you come from.

We at Redlion have been striving to bring valuable content to our community from the NFT space completely unbiased and we are following the likes of Industry leaders like Sassal. As our founders’ vision has always been to give back and contribute to building this space with the solid foundation it deserves. We look up to you for inspiration and motivation.

For those who are interested in Everything Crypto, you can find real value content and community down there 👇

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