CZ Pornhub and Souljaboy

CZ Pornhub and Souljaboy

Pornhub now accepts XRP, USDC, BNB, and for some reason, DOGE. With this move, Pornhub currently accepts 16 different forms of crypto payments.

Now I did take the liberty of doing some “research” for you guys… you’re welcome. And it works, but it’s a bit complicated if you don’t pay with ETH.

In my experience, if you don’t use ETH, you have to download the Tronlink app and transfer the coins through there. It was a very weird process, but I think that expected for a pleasure site.

Pornhub originally made the move to crypto back in September of last year, when they announced it as an alternative payment method. But since then, Pornhub has made it their primary form of payment after they were accused of hosting videos of underage girls and nonconsenting women. After this accusation, Mastercard and Visa said, “I didn’t sign up for this shit,” and cut ties with the company.

This full move to crypto is enormous, as the site is the 8th largest website globally, with an average of 3.6 billion monthly visitors. This move has the potential to show other porn sites that crypto is the payment method of the future, especially if card companies keep cutting ties with them.

CZ, CEO of Binance, also did some of his own “research” and used his own coin to buy a full year of subscription. It will be interesting to see if the acceptance of BNB will affect Binance in any way.

What does this bring to the DEFI space?

With Pornhub now only accepting crypto, it will now force the common man into the space as unwillingly as those girls. 

Also, this might help the shitcoin XRP now that it finally has a use! If you remember back to Issue #15, Ripple is in an ongoing lawsuit with the SEC for selling unregistered securities. This could help Ripple’s case showing that XRP is not a security and is used as a currency.

This news from Pornhub probably has all of the XRP hodlers nutting themselves, especially after a tweet from superman himself, Soulja Boy, trying to get into XRP. Poor dude is new to crypto, and of course, he wants to get into XRP.

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