Cuban NFTs 🔥

Cuban NFTs 🔥

These videos seem to be an NFT play on Cameo but done right! They are meant to be personalized 30MB videos where you can request anything within the boundary of, "Be nice, I won't do anything you wouldn't ask a parent to do."

What's better than Cameo? A personalized, tokenized video that you can save or sell ! Check it out !

Get a Personalized, Tokenized video when you buy this ! collectible #rarible #ethereum #nonfungible #digitalasset #nft via @rariblecom

How does it work?

Once the NFT is purchased, the owner can access the unlockable content, where you’ll find an exclusive email address. From there, the owner can email the request for the personalized video. Cuban will then record, mint and transfer the customized video to the owner's wallet.

The personalized videos were originally priced at 2.5 ETH and sold out within minutes. Shortly after, there was a first sale for 35 ETH which was weird because there were cheaper listings. bought one for 12 eth and now prices are between 20-75 eth on the secondary. Not much significant movement since, however this NFT even at 20 ETH is still undervalued as the experience it’s offering is one of a kind, and can be turned into gold in the right hands.

One of the first videos to be minted was for SushiSwap, the decentralized exchange. He made a promo for them talking about how great their product is. The video seemed to confuse some people not realizing it was a paid Cameo and it was funny looking through the comment of this tweet. The cool thing about this NFT is there's so much that can be done with it.

Our very own Redlioneye was able to grab four of them! A couple of nice videos should be expected shortly, very exciting for our Gazette!

By far the biggest buyer was Pranksy,  he bought 10 videos. Probably no better hands to own and take advantage of these great NFTs. Another great purchase by Pranksy.

In an interesting turn of events however, Pranksy traded one of his “@mcuban video clips in for a commissioned piece for @0x_b1, in the expectation he'd buy it…  for 88 ETH.” But Cuban threw in a wild move and sent it to 0x_b1 wallet instead of Pranksy’s before the ETH was exchanged. 

As people start cashing in their videos, it will be amazing to spectate what people will make Cuban say. This NFT drop by Mark is 100% an amazing project of its own and will for sure be talked about a lot in the future. We will  make a list with all 20 of them when they are all out!

What has been beautiful to watch is his approach and entrance into the space. Never before has such a high profile investor entered and interacted with the crypto communities so elegantly, while also in a manner that makes it feel like Mark is ONE OF US NOW. A very sweet, polite, degen shark from a big tank.

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