Compounder finance rug pull and OPSEC!

Compounder finance rug pull and OPSEC! rugged and the affected users have started groups on TG to unite and put up a fight in order to locate the scammer and reclaim the funds An honorable cause indeed.. They have issued this ‘’declaration of war’’ against the individual who orchestrated the whole thing.

Here is their manifesto from their TG group.

Message to the scammer of just scammed approximately $10,800,000.000

I have personally lost over 1m$ and the rest of the crypto community lost over 10m$ from your rug pull.

I am willing to search in deep till the end, and I can ensure you that if you ever have:

  1. Logged into your twitter account from your IP
  2. Logged into any of the hosting/domain account from your IP
  3. Paid the hosting/domain from either your card or someone connected to you

It’s only a matter of time before a criminal authority will find you and arrest you.

I will not have any limit of time and budget to make a report as detailed as possible about your scam/rugpull, file it to all criminal authorities with the best lawyers I can find for each country and authority: Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Interpol, Europol, European Cybercrime Center (EC3), Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and all other criminal authority required

I will have no limit in involving OPSEC agencies and other agencies who can help with the investigation and recovering of the funds

No matter how you are going to clean up your funds, there will always be a mistake and a trace to you. Either now or in the future

As this is a substantial loss for me and many more crypto farmers, I will keep going on with the investigation and pushing the authorities now and in the coming years, until there will be a positive result.

 At this stage, I invite you to refund the stolen funds, which will be the only way for me and other farmers to take a step back.

You should be rational about what you did, understand your mistake and refund the investors. Do you really want to run away and hide for the rest of your life? Change passport, name, surname, fingerprinting and face?

 For all investors who have lost their funds, I have created the following telegram group to connect with each other and stay in touch.

I will allocate personally 50k$ as bounty to whoever can find any information which will help tracking you down, and returning the funds to those who suffered from your fraud.

Anybody that have contact with please reach me out to start the investigation related the case. I have allocated the budget to start the investigation immediately.

I will start preparing a report organizing what happened. Whoever has any useful information, please join the efforts.

At the time of writing our investigative bloodhounds haven’t been able to verify if the author of this message was affected to that degree but for sure that TG group is going strong with 722 members!

You can read more about it in detail from this post-mortem report.

The latest update we have is this tweet

The Compounder Finance laundering using @TornadoCash has started.

100 ETH at a time.

There are links pointing to $kore another rug that we covered.

You can read about it on issue #7

It will be interesting to watch how this crusade will develop, it might even set a precedent for the future whichever the conclusion might be.

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