For our 100th issue, we had the honour of working with Cliff. ‘Brain Blast’ is a piece on those moments where a hundred things are going through your head then all of a sudden it bursts! The artwork features some of the original characters from his project GooberLand, the little purple bomb on the green rocket and the pink dude with the blue glasses.

Based in Florida, Cliff used to be a traditional artist but it’s when he got his hands on an iPad and began experimenting with digital art that his capabilities skyrocketed. Although it is his preferred medium to work with as of now, he still dabbles in creating physical things with his hands. Most of his life Cliff has been drawing, but his career as an artist only truly began in 2017, and in 2021 he joined the world of NFTs.

Cliff is social online and draws inspiration from scrolling down his feed, “seeing all the artwork that’s out there.” Most of all, it’s witnessing his friends’ art evolve with time which motivates him to “go harder”.

To finish off, some words of advice for people just beginning to create as well as for experienced artists:

“Don't give up!

Even if things don’t seem to be going the way you were hoping, just keep pushing and keep learning! Make some friends in the art space. I’ve met so many people in group chats that I know I’ll be friends with for life! Also take some time to chill – working hard is cool, but constantly grinding isn’t good for your mental or physical health my friends!”

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Cliff here

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