Christophe Tritz

Christophe Tritz

At this time I was just finishing a commissioned work for Ubisoft at the occasion of the annual « Spring’s sell » and during that time I build A LOT of spring-related voxel assets, allowing me
to build scenes like this one:

Shortly after this, I received a Foundation invite from my dear friend @madmaraca and started to build scenes around animals and spring, with the idea of minting them:

I was amazed by the response of the NFT community and, most of all, by being able to sell my art this way! I couldn’t believe back then that, maybe, one of my life dream (Being able to live from my art), was finally possible! From that moment, I decided to completely skip commissions and freelance jobs to work 100% on NFTs. So far, that’s one of the best artistic decision I made. As many NFT artists, it allows me to meet and connect with a lot of other artists and collectors. And this, imho, is one of the greatest aspect of the crypto sphere: being able to support and help other people.

Anyway after my animal series on Foundation, I started a collectible one on Rarible:

Which turned out really great as well, but also teached me one of my very “NFT’s lesson” > GET SOME REST. I ended exhausted after spending around 80 hours weekly on my work. I’m kind of really passionate about art and work so, with the possibility of making a life out of it + the need to be seen on social networks, that’s something that a lot of NFT artists have encounter, the lack of sleep, the crazy excitement coming along with sells ect (Not to mention the auctions, which are like a direct adrenaline shot!). Kind of a weird fever that everyone has to manage!

During this time I had the luck to meet one of the kindest collector around: @lifeofc! He invited me to participate in a collective project (Superniftyfan) and through this, I start building a new kind of scenes, based on architecture and science fiction (Minted on Makersplace):

Now I’m about to launch my own collection: “Cryptoplanet”, which is going to be a long run, hopefully more than a hundred pieces: all of them will be in the style of the one I made with RedlionEye (So this drop is kind of the very first piece of the collection), and very close to the series I made on Rarible:

So well, that’s it for my NFT trip so far! So many things happen every day and there will be too many people to mention, but I’m deeply grateful for all the artists, friends, collectors and collectives (Hi @NFTAngels! :P) in this space that I had the luck to met! This is one of the kindest, supportive space I know, and I hope to be able to continue this trip for a long time, along with all this amazing people!

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Christophe Tritz here


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