Our main protagonist: Bitboy arguably one of the slimiest influencers, got in on a bit of trouble, as he was exposed by Lux Expression for selling artwork that didn’t belong to him.

It all starts with a very innocent youtube tutorial in Spanish

Then you can see Bitboy actually minted and successfully sold this artwork that was demonstrated in the tutorial

Here is an interesting thread on Twitter by Lux Expression where he fully exposes Bitboy, and also showing the Diss Card he made for this occasion. (Devils Advocate: WoW a Diss Card? He showed them….)
But in all seriousness why not?
Fight Art with Art sounds like a fine concept to me.
Suddenly we have reinforcements, Matty is entering the ring and he is not liking what is happening.

As you can read below the conversation is rather interesting, with Alex (insider0x) staing the official position of Rarible.

I would like to add as a side note here, that i have made the following comment multiple times on Rarible’s TG and Discord, about having some type of onboarding procedure for influencers, public figures and projects that are looking to milk sell NFTs to their followers through Rarible.(Anyway)

Then the thread becomes really long and a lot of people are bringing their opinions in.
But Bitboy had this to say:

We have seen it numerous times by now. The conversation always veers towards those philosophical questions that don't really have a specific answer and all the protein and the fire of the original arguments are getting lost in a sea of random comments and philosophical questions that exhaust the reader looking for a solid conclusion.

However if you are a drama addict (and we know you are because you are reading this) please take the time to go through these twitter threads, is a ray of sunlight in our daily lockdown routine.

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