Binance's "CRYPTO" Perfume: A WTF moment

Binance's "CRYPTO" Perfume: A WTF moment

In a bid to engage more women in the crypto space, Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, launched a crypto-themed perfume named "CRYPTO" in conjunction with International Women's Day.

The Fragrance of Controversy

Described with notes ranging from ozone to musk, "CRYPTO" is more than a scent; it was aimed to be a symbol of Binance's larger effort to attract women to the crypto space.

The campaign for the perfume included pop-up sampling events and a promotional offer for the first 5,000 women to complete a beginner course on Binance Academy has sparked widespread criticism, highlighting a disconnect in efforts to genuinely include women in the crypto community.

Community Backlash: A Call for Meaningful Inclusion

The crypto community's response to Binance's campaign has been overwhelmingly critical, comments from various community members reveal a consensus that perfume does little to bridge the gender gap in crypto, instead, there's a clamor for actions that recognize and value women's expertise, contributions, and potential in shaping the future of finance and technology.

"Women donโ€™t want perfumeโ€ฆ We want to be included in history instead of written out," reads one of the many critiques highlighting the superficiality of the gesture, another comment sarcastically suggests, "Let us lure in the women folk with pretty smells, surely then they will be interested in decentralized finance."

These reactions underscore a broader issue within the crypto industry: the need for strategies that truly address gender disparities, rather than token gestures disconnected from the real challenges women face in this field.

Beyond Perfume: What Real Inclusion Looks Like

For the crypto industry to thrive as a diverse and inclusive ecosystem, platforms must go beyond superficial initiatives, hiring women for their expertise, ensuring they have a voice in key discussions, and creating safe, welcoming environments are critical steps.

As one community member poignantly put it, "Maybe ditch the lip service about wanting more women and actually hire the brilliant ones already here."

Binance's "CRYPTO" perfume campaign serves as a cautionary tale of how not to market to women in tech, the path to gender equality in crypto is not scented with perfume but paved with actions that respect, include, and elevate women's contributions and leadership, as the industry moves forward, let this moment be a reminder of the importance of authentic engagement and the value of listening to and addressing the needs of all community members.

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