Bhushan Vishwas

Hey Bhushan! Could you please introduce yourself?

I'm a 24 years old game designer, 3d and generative artist. I have been creating art since my school days: I used to doodle, sketch, do some clay modeling. And in the past 3 years I have dived into 3D and generative art. 

That’s awesome! So what do you do nowadays?

I run a game studio called Codemire Games, where I design and develop games.

I started by creating 3D assets for my games. After that, I jumped into playing with lights, materials, textures and environments in my free time, using these for 3D art.

Apart from everything within NFT art, I am also working on multiple Play to Earn NFT games. The project I’m focusing on right now is Itsuki.

A lot of what you do is NFT related. When did you learn about NFTs?

I've been in the NFT space for almost a year now. It all started with an Instagram story, where a person got a bid of 0.333 $ETH on his art. That Instagram story simply lured me into the NFT space.

Why did you join?

Well, if I’m being honest, then I’ve got to say that when I joined the NFT space, I was worried about the destination; saled, bids, et cetera. But over time and as I learned more about the space, my mindset changed. Now I'm enjoying the journey... I am grateful to have a huge family who is ready to support me, so I can focus on this.


Besides your current project and the games, you’re also still creating art. What’s the main message you are trying to convey?

I like to show the present and past, my life journey. We all experience a lot of things in our lives, many happy moments and many sad moments. My art shows my emotions, my past, and my present.

And sometimes, when I feel helpless about certain social issues, I try to ‘scream’ about that issue through my art.

What’s next, Bhushan?

This year I have two goals: create more play to earn NFT games and create more art!

Want to learn more about this NFT artist?

Then we recommend you check out his linktree or Twitter.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Bhushan Vishwas here

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