Beeple Effect II

Beeple Effect II

Now let’s begin.

Beeple’s second drop was such a crazy motherfucker, as he would put it.

The drop consisted of 100 editions for 1$, 3 open editions for 5 min. going for 969$ a pop and 21 single editions to be auctioned during the weekend. All artworks except the 1$ will come bundled with the physical token as well.

Open Editions

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271 editions for 262,599$

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207 editions for 200,583$

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123 editions for 119,187$

<center>Limited Editions</center>

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100 editions for 100$

Single Editions


Check the whole collection here

Ok now we are curious what’s in the box?

Many people will agree that it’s a little disappointing the hair sample is not pubes. Now let’s be real, had it been pubes, what percentage of owners would actually smell them?

There are many factors that make this drop so groundbreaking. First is the format. Choosing to have open editions for 5 min was simply just brilliant. It gave everyone a fair chance on acquiring an authentic Beeple. Guess that’s the proper way to do an open edition ‘’only bound by time’’ lol.

The 21 single editions were also a big innovation as we are not used to seeing this amount of 1/1 being dropped at the same time. The 100 editions for 1$ was great as well, since he was the pioneer of this move and can be characterized as his signature move,  predicting we will see it as a recurring pattern with future Beeple drops.

Now regarding the timeframes, 100 editions went to the fastest people (under 1 second sold out!), open editions were available to all for 5 minutes, and the 21 single editions to be auctioned throughout the weekend, ending gradually one after the other.

In all aspects the drop was extremely well thought, planned and executed.

There will be an update note on this article after auctions end.

The total so far is 1,876,558$.

That’s a real record right there and will for sure surpass 2M$. The best type of advertisement is when sale records break, now when they get annihilated like that, it will for sure mean an influx of new users in the space. It is great that from 55k sales moved to 100k $ sales and now to 2M $ drops.

Beeple Update

What if i told you that all the Beeple auctions but the last one were won by the same person?

Well, that’s exactly what happened here! All the auctions were won by Metakovan. He achieved that by bidding from different burner accounts.  Let’s start by having a look at the final numbers.

100 x 1 = 100$

271 x 969 = 262,599$

207 x 969 = 200,583$

123 x 969 = 119,187$

21 Auctions = 2,971,643$

Total Drop 3,554,112$.
Absolutely incredible!

Here you can see them all in one wallet! 
Total cost for Metakovan 2,196,733$


But RLE why would anyone do that?

Well if his plan was to go for the scoop from the very beginning, then this elaborate plan with the multi accounts might have been a really good idea.

His "opponents" didn’t know who were they betting against, so this worked in his favor in order to achieve his plan. Had they known at the time, it’s the same person, they would have made him pay more for them or actively prevented him from reaching his goal.

The only auction he didn’t win was the final one, where after a fierce battle with illestrater (Tim Kang)  he accepted defeat after a "fuck you" type of final bid by illestrater.

As you can see they have been outbidding each other for hours, so illestrater decided to double it and took the auction from 380k to 777,777.77$ - mic drop -

That is by far the biggest single NFT sale in history so far. The whole drop with 3.5M in total was also the biggest one recorded yet on any platform. Insane records that we are sure Beeple will be looking to smash on his next drop. What to expect next, 10M drop?

I was getting ready to wear my tinfoil hat and analyze some theories of foul play, but the more I analyzed it the more I was getting to the same conclusion, that this was a carefully planned scoop. We will leave the conspiracy theories for another issue.

Cryptoart is definitely going parabolic and that should encourage other big artists to join.

Overall there is nothing negative or suspicious about this drop and it can only be a good thing for the space.

We are living in truly historic times, as we witness in real time cryptoart transcending from its infantile stage directly  into puberty while completely leapfrogging the whole child state.

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