I have been drawing ever since I can remember. It ranged from the cows I saw in the fields to the Charizards on Pokemon cards. As I grew up I learned about different genres and I explored many to find where I fit in, to find where I can release my energy into beautiful forms and concepts. I searched and I fell in love with great artists that spanned across different genres.

I reached a point where I figured what I liked but I was told that I should choose between cartoons or realism. And then I stumbled upon the legends- Robert Williams and Rick Griffin. I instantly knew the direction I should be heading. 

Today I start my day drawing from live poses, transit to automatic drawing (a form of art meditation suggested by Moebius) and finally sit down to draw cartoons and comics. 

Even though I like drawing digitally nothing beats the adrenaline rush of drawing straight to paper. Especially free-hand drawing. All my NFTs are drawn traditionally with ink. 

I've learned over time that I can write humor and incorporate that into art. Soon, I realized comics were the perfect carrier for me. 

The comic reading generation in India now has 9-5 jobs and kids to feed. There is hardly any circulation of comics. At least none for the majority of people. The kids have the internet for entertainment, and reading is dying a slow death. This is where I'd like to intervene. My dream project now is to make a comic series that will have the attention of both the old and the young. One that they will earnestly wait for to arrive on Fridays, one that they will read on the bus to work or after school, one that they can buy as conveniently as buying a packet of chips or tea. 

That is my biggest dream and today it is past the character sketches and diving deep into the story plots.

Another long-term plan is to run a store that sells apparel, furniture, and bicycles hand designed by me. A small quaint store where I can grow happily old in. 

Why NFTs?

Because it helps artists like me to achieve their dreams and to be able to communicate with other artists who row similar boats. It's a beautiful journey and a revolution in the making. Big bless to be a part of it this early. 

In the NFT space, my next goal would be to create comic strips and collectible cards. These will be coming very soon. 

Thank you🙂 

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