Alien Cryptopunk SOLD!

Alien Cryptopunk SOLD!

Immediately there was an overflow of excitement on the discord server and pouring into Twitter.

The listing price was just short of a million and many speculated that it would break the sales record of a single NFT currently held by Beeple, but ended up selling for 605ETH.

Of course, we are looking for a pat on the back for predicting a quick sale.

The news started breaking out, so the offers started coming in.

And it was sold at the same day! Felt a bit rushed and also he could possibly get way more or maybe reach his original price.

The seller was the discord user SethS and the buyer is FlamingoDAO.

It is very fitting actually to see that the alien has found a new home on a DAO.

There are only 9 punk aliens in existence

Scott Lew is owns 3

SethS still has 2

LarvaLabs Developers have 1

FlamingoDAO has 1

And the other 2 are in separate wallets.
An interesting account to have a look is this one

Is this the equivalent of BTC pizza on cryptopunks?

The bids on the rest of the aliens now are going strong.
News of this sale made waves fast, even cointelegraph wrote a really mediocre article about it.

And as always some people "can’t get it" so they hatin. We suggest our previous articles about punks by gmoney  and pixls.eth  here: Issue#17 & Issue#15

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