AI Illustrator

AI Illustrator

The AI Illustrator is an American artist from the Boston area, now residing in the Pacific Northwest. The love and pursuit of art started at a young age when he was exposed to post-impressionism and jazz by his father, continuing with a love of street art, music culture, and eastern illustrative styles.

After attending art school to create interactive installations, the AI Illustrator laid dormant as a designer for many years. Now, the new merging of art and technology presented by image synthesis/GANs has presented the opportunity for him to be the AI Illustrator.

“I find inspiration in the juxtapositions that life presents. The flower that grows from a crack in the concrete, the dirty wall with a breathtaking piece of street art adorning it.”


At the moment, digital is his preferred medium to work with – in his eyes there is still a lot of uncharted territory to be discovered here, although he intends to expand well into the world of the physical in the future.

“My artistic process is somewhere between meditative and completely manic, as image synthesis allows us to explore the depths of ourselves in new ways. I reflect on the artists, people and places that I’ve loved in my life, and expand upon these bases with my own perspective of the world.”

The piece the AI Illustrator submitted to the ArtDrop is an extension of a collection he’s been working on entitled ‘Paranoid Androids’ – which illustrates “the tangled web of the external and technological with our soft and vulnerable humanity.”

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by AI Illustrator here

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