A Gentlemen’s (Rektguy) Bet: Chivalry, Honesty and Degeneracy Coexist within NFT Communities

A Gentlemen’s (Rektguy) Bet: Chivalry, Honesty and Degeneracy Coexist within NFT Communities

A story three months in the making! It’s not unusual for hot takes to appear on Twitter. It is unusual to watch two NFT heads follow through on a gentlemen’s bet, thus evoking both the chivalry and proclivity for degenerate gambling that’d make 18th Century nobles proud! The more things change, the more humans stay the same. This insight into NFT culture played out publicly on Twitter. 

Back in December of 2022, crypto OGs, Anonymoux and L'anamour, debated the value of CryptoDickButts (CDB). You see, Anonymoux had once listed a CDB… and been harassed by the community. Multiple CDB die-hards called Anonymoux a “c-m stain” for listing. That’s why he faded the “affable folks” of that community. L’anamour did not like this take. He urged Anonymoux to return to CDBs–for you see, the “community is much more than 3 c-m stains in the Discord!” Thus began the banter that led to a noble/degenerate old-school bet. 

The Terms: 2:1 bet that Rektguy’s floor will overtake CDB. 

The Wager: 10 Ethereum

The Duration: Q1 2023.

The Result: Anonymoux lost. His bet on Rektguys’ floor fell short (0.9Eth for Rektguys v. 1.5Eth for CDB), and he will pony up 10 Ethereum to L’anamour.

If you want to hear directly from the honest degens that made this story, stay tuned to Redlion’s Twitter Spaces. Our founder, Red, followed up with the betters and is going to interview them soon. Also big thanks to Daarvid Hoogenboezem for cluing us into this story. Homey is hilarious and deserves a follow!


We hope you enjoyed this lighter side of web3. Sometimes it is fun to ditch the Macro and focus in on a micro-interaction that tells us something about web3 culture. Kudos to the gentlemen that put their money where their wide-open mouths were!

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