8x Unlockable Content Ideas

8x Unlockable Content Ideas

As an NFT artist, you have many options to add extra functionality to your art. Whether you want to or not is completely up to you. However, if you are interested in the options that unlockable content gives you, then do stick around. 

Making-of video

Although it may be one of the most utilised versions of use case for unlockable content with artists so far… Creating a making-of video will surely do no harm. It will only add to the credibility of you as an artist and undoubtedly make collectors value you more. Adding a making-of video to the unlockable content is one of the easiest things to do, yet it certainly does provide an extra layer of value to your art.

Thank-you video

Less often created but equally 'simple' would be a thank-you video. Record yourself or create a little slideshow or artwork to show your gratitude to collectors.

If we could advise you on the format, then we'd say that a video where the collector sees your face or at least has the chance to hear your voice is imperative when it comes to connection. It's up to you to decide if you feel comfortable doing this. Not your thing? Then make sure to check out the other ideas in this article.

Voting rights

Another idea is to add a voting system in the unlockable content. You could add a bit.ly link for example (which is a link that you can point to wherever you want - and can change at any point as well). This link could then bring people to a Google form, where a person has the ability to vote on what your next art work should be. That could go as far as voting on which colour palette or technique you should use, et cetera.

This is a great, yet simple way to increase the engagement between you and your collectors, and a good way to give them extra value.

You may find some collectors appreciate this more than others - but you can always try. 

Custom artwork

Some artists also do commission based work. If you feel up for it, then this could be a HUGE bonus that you can give to your collectors. Add a submission form to the unlockable content where the collector can submit his or her idea or request. You can then take that and give your own spin on it, it should clearly reflect your style too. 

It's a good way of collecting new starting points for future artworks - and an amazing 'extra' for any collector. You could then offer to transfer the final work on Polygon or - if gas prices allow- on Ethereum. You can also take the time to discuss this with your collector and let them decide - you never know, maybe they're up for funding the gas fees because they'd rather have the work on ETH. There is no harm in asking!

Written texts

Depending on what kind of artist you are, you could also add written texts (or an audio version if you choose). For example a poem, an article or interview that's related to the artwork - you as an artist- or maybe even a hard copy book! 


Something that hasn't been done yet by many 1/1 artists is the exploration of music in unlockable content. Imagine your artwork has a soundtrack, but on the front people only hear about 20-30 seconds of it. Then why not add a full version of the music after the fact? 

Another idea would be to partner up with musicians for unlockable content. We are seeing more and more musicians join the space but the number of collaborations between them and visual artists is still fairly low. Grounds to explore, if you ask us. 

Physical Gift

Another idea is to provide collectors with a physical gift. This doesn't always have to be a physical version of the artwork, it can also be something else. Some funky socks, a mug, etc. There are plenty of things to test out. 

In the unlockable content you'd then add a link that people can use to hand over their shipping details. Remember that many people in the crypto space don't want to exchange their private information, however…  they can just give you a postbox address, right? Make sure to emphasise these options and give them assurance that you'll delete their details afterwards - also, make sure that you do.

Free mint of another work

This may sound a little outrageous but you could also provide collectors with a free mint of another piece. This means you turn your art into a 1+1 deal, or 2+1, or whatever you prefer. Where you set the bar is completely up to you. 

What are you going to do? 

The ideas above can be a starting point for you. Most of them are easy to execute yet do add that extra layer of value to your collectors. If you have any other ideas that you think should be added, don't be shy and let RedLion know via Twitter! 

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