8 Reasons Why JOYWORLD

8 Reasons Why JOYWORLD

Amongst all the doom and gloom of the latest (but almost certainly not last) big crypto crash, it’s easy to lose sight of what art is about: joy. John Orion Young (JOY) is the mastermind behind JOYWORLD, a collection all about making you smile, no matter how bleak the world might seem. And we could all use a bit of that, right?


It's Strictly About The Art


Recent market movements have put economics at the forefront of our thoughts. Art can seem like an afterthought; a commodity. This shouldn’t be the case but it’s understandable, especially in the bear market. Not so with JOYWORLD. JOY puts a big emphasis on creativity: it's the crux of the project. That's not surprising. JOY is a fourth-generation artist, a classically trained painter and sculptor and someone who finds art in nearly everything. Each JOY is intended to be a creative muse. The surrealistic character sculptures aren’t just collectables, they’re supposed to get your creative juices flowing. 

It’s Accessible


Sure, JOYWORLD JOYS have a high floor price on OpenSea (60 ETH at time of writing and well above most people’s price bracket) but there are other ways into this world. JOYtoys are diverse objects (including milk cartons, keyrings and paintbrushes in the same recognisable art style). These can be minted for a substantially lower cost. Designed to literally “soak ‘em” with joy, the Super Slimey Smile Soaker can be minted for just 0.42 ETH. This and other JOYtoys represent an affordable gateway into the project.

It’s Always Evolving

All NFT projects nowadays promise extensive roadmaps, but few are as ambitious as JOYWORLD. The project aims to build a happy matrix - a Metaverse focused on bringing joy. Each NFT already includes a Multi-Dimensional file that makes it easy to use across different parts of the Metaverse. Few projects can boast of their own lexicon but JOYWORLD has coined several phrases including Pronoia (the opposite of paranoia - a sensation that the world is transpiring to make you happy), InterJOYmensional (a joy so strong it bends spacetime) and Super Slimey Smile (a smile so contagious it makes others happy). This language will expand as the world does, along with continuous updates and “treats.” 

The JOYWORLD Is A Happy Place


JOYWORLD is the name for the world occupied by each JOY but it doubles as a term for the wider infrastructure surrounding the project. JOY describes it as a place ‘where everyone and everything is conspiring to make you feel JOYful and creative.’ All of the collection is designed with this in mind. From the dazzling colours, the surrealistic overtures and the upbeat tone of the JOYWORLD glossary, this project is a ray of light that we could certainly all do with during the bear market winter. It’s difficult not to look at a JOY without smiling; perhaps a real-life example of that Super Slimey Smile.

The Creative Process Is Unique

JOY describes their practice as “sculpting and painting an idea out of thin air.” This amounts to sculpting in virtual reality. You can watch the process here. JOY uses a virtual reality headset, two controllers and a powerful computer to immerse themselves in the JOYWORLD. From there, they sculpt each JOY individually. The process is more than fascinating. It gives us a glimpse into what the future of art creation might look like, as well as how art can be created without ever setting foot outside the Metaverse.

Each JOY Is Totally Unique


Following on from the previous point, the unique creation process ensures that every JOY is totally original. Each NFT is strictly 1/1 and even comes with its own magical ability designed to help you realise your dreams and better understand your pathway through life. Remember that JOYs are much more than just collectable characters. They’re muses, supposed to inspire your imaginative endeavours. Since every person is different, it stands to reason that every JOY is, too.

JOYs Empower The Collector

This part of the project is continually evolving. JOY seeks to put more power in the hands of collectors and owners and recently forked to a new contract. This gave collectors more capabilities and the bonuses have been coming thick and fast ever since. JOY owners now have keys to the JOY shop, allowing them to create their own JOYtoys. Collectors can even collaborate with JOY on new creations - earning 50% royalties as they do.

There Are Even Films!

JOY doesn’t limit themselves to creating characters. The JOYWORLD has expanded with the release of short films. These take a deeper dive into the JOYWORLD universe showing you its bizarre, colourful landscape and taking you on a journey into the artist’s mind. As you might expect, these films are quirky, stylistically unique, surreal and…well…just huge amounts of fun. Most feature original music. They’re proof of the depth of JOY’s vision (more important than ever as some artists desert the space) but more than anything they simply ooze joy. In these stormy times, is there any more noble purpose than putting a smile on people’s faces?

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