6 Industries to Be Disrupted by NFT Technology

6 Industries to Be Disrupted by NFT Technology

Celebrities are hocking them for quick paychecks, marketplaces are popping up like coffee houses, and profile pics everywhere are changing to cartoonish images of dART projects galore. As many normies are nervously laughing about how this is all still just a fad, we’d like to talk about how this is actually just scratching the surface of what’s yet to come. Here are the six biggest industries yet to be disrupted by NFTs.

1. Real Estate

Okay. Technically this has just happened, but one house isn’t exactly disrupting the market. How it happened was the property rights were transferred to a limited liability corporation called Never Forget to HODL, LLC. Never Forget was then minted on an NFT where its rights of ownership were stored on the blockchain. The transfer was simple and easy.

2. Electronic Medical Records

I can’t be the only person that hates filling out my entire medical information every time I go to a new doctor’s office. Blockchain and medical records make too much sense, and the implementation of NFTs into that equation is essential. Imagine going to a doctor’s office and sending them your entire medical history, securely and privately. Don’t remember the name of the surgeon who worked on your back 15 years ago? Don’t worry about it. You’ve got an NFT of that surgery detailing everything about it.

3. News Media

Deepfake videos are going to become far more prevalent in our day-to-day lives. The quality of deepfake videos are getting scary, and without NFTs, you won’t be able to trust whether or not that video you’re watching is authentic. NFTs provide proof of ownership. Suppose CBS News created a CBS News blockchain, and every article, video, or post was published as an NFT on that blockchain. In that case, the viewer could verify that that video was an authentic CBS News report and not created by nefarious characters.

4. Ticketing

This one’s an easy one. For a very detailed explanation, check this out, but to give you the short and sweet, NFTs solve all significant problems with tickets. Forget about fake tickets or scalpers. NFTs provide built-in verifiability, proving that what you’re buying is the correct ticket. Not to mention the lifetime ownership. You can prove that you were at that concert or went to that festival. No more trying to scrapbook the ratty ticket torn from your jean’s pocket.

5. Entertainment

Snoop dropped the news in a Clubhouse room earlier that Death Row Records is now officially the first NFT record label. We all know it’s not going to be the last. Artists of all kinds now have a way to showcase themselves and gain agency in their royalties. They can decide everything from how many albums they want to create to how much money they make off the resales. More power into the artists’ hands.

6. Social Media

Social media was designed for NFTs; the devs just didn’t know it. Social media is a technology that survives off user-generated content, and NFTs are exactly that. For the first time ever, through NFTs and blockchain technology, we’ll finally find out who was the true creator of that sweet meme we love. With Facebook hemorrhaging money to become Meta, it’s obvious that we’re not alone in this thinking.

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