3a5a1a Basaia

3a5a1a Basaia

Naturally, he was initiated into the NFT world shortly after that, and in his words "it was love at first sight." 

3a5a1a is based in Rio Cuarto, a small city in the province of Cordoba, Argentina. In terms of inspiration, it flows to him from many different places – Warhol colors, sometimes from the political humor of Beeple or Banksy, and it even stretches beyond particular artists. He draws creative, aesthetic insights from iconic brands such as Gucci, Versace, Supreme and BAPE to name a few. From the NFT space, he mentioned the works of Clok, Rat Cloak, Von Doyl and El Turro.

This piece, 'Dalma's Dream', is a shoutout to both Diego and Dalma Maradona, a wink at the iconic moment when during one of his warm ups in Napoli, the daughter had put daisies in his socks and he walked out on the field with them there. "Like almost everything I draw, portrayed are material things I'd like but can't yet afford. *laughs*"

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