Meet Pindar Van Arman: AI Artist Programming Robot Painters and Paintings

Meet Pindar Van Arman: AI Artist Programming Robot Painters and Paintings

“The number one thing for artists is persistence,” says Pindar Van Arman, one of the world’s foremost AI artists. For a full ten years, Pindar was rejected from gallery after gallery, show after show. The reason: Mr. Van Arman built and programmed robots to put brush to canvas.

Now that the impact and innovations of AI are impossible to ignore (and too trendy to deride), Pindar is getting the recognition he deserves. These days, the artist considers himself as much a Crypto Artist as an AI Artist. He’s a huge fan of Crypto Voxels; he’s intrigued by the metaverse; his art spans the gamut of on-chain 1/1s to full generative collections. Be sure to visit his online gallery to get the full experience of this Pindar's impressive oeuvre! 

To hear about the latest trends in art created by AI, robots and the artists that program the machines, tune in below!

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