5 Literary NFT Marketplaces Every Collector Should Know

5 Literary NFT Marketplaces Every Collector Should Know

With poetry and prose exploding across the NFT space, now is the perfect time to check out these specialized marketplaces.

#1 typed.art


The NFT world is a vibrant, multidisciplinary space that incorporates nearly every art style in existence. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see a stripped-back marketplace with absolutely no frills. Typed.art users mint—quite simply—text pieces. It’s basic... but that’s the appeal! Backed by big-name poets like Merchant Coppola, the marketplace is only going to grow. Pieces tend to be extremely cheap, so the entry-level for collectors is low.

#2 Soltype


Soltype sets itself apart with its focus on longer-form work. It’s one of the few marketplaces that’s suitable (and designed) for novels. Collectors can seamlessly trade literary NFTs, connect with writers and have a stake in their careers. Future plans include a native token, an app and social features. Soltype is at the beginning of its journey but will undoubtedly shape the future of literary NFTs.

#3 Mirror


Mirror is less a marketplace and more a fully-fledged publishing platform. It’s also a treasure trove for collectors taking their first steps into literary NFTs. Writers on Mirror publish content of all kinds, from straightforward blogs to white papers and works of fiction, all of which can be collected. The term “NFT publishing” is tossed around quite frequently, but Mirror is the platform closest to making it a reality.

#4 fx(text)


fx(text) is home to some of the most experimental literary works ever created. If the other marketplaces listed here are about integrating traditional literature with blockchain technology, fx(text) takes the concept of a literary piece, contorts it through a wormhole and then throws it out the other side. If you want to catch a glimpse of what the future of literature might look like, and scoop something truly unique, look no further.

#5 8scribo


The art of the haiku is at least 800 years old so there’s something special about seeing these diminutive poems thrive on blockchain. Minted haikus appear in chronological order on the marketplace’s feed. 8scribo is new (very new), but it’s already received huge support. TheVerseVerse recently minted an anthology of haikus in collaboration with 8scribo. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore one of the more unique markets in its infancy.

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