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Issue #88

Week 20 2022

His Holiness

A seeker of knowledge, walking the path of light. His holiness seeks to find enlightenment on his journey into the world.

Delta Sauce


Delta Sauce is an AI wordsmith and digital artist, who makes fantastical landscapes and creatures, and is a big supporter of other artists.


Issue #87

Week 19 2022

Here Without You

I walk the valley of the dead in the world of the living, here without you!

1 editions

The Digital Canvas


Concept Artist since 2011, painting fantasy worlds of her imagination with Photoshop. Known for creating her universe Etherea and Super Classified Creatures.


Issue #86

Week 18 2022


Little puppet made of Energy, awake. Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish, and someday, you will be a real human.

3 editions



Giggiart, also known as Doctor-G, calls himself a ‘proud villain, monsters creator and master of G-word’. According to our art curator Little Fortunes, he’s a true hidden gem!

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Issue #85

Week 17 2022

Bad Throw

One of my earliest animations, I developed this back in 2005 as a test for physics simulation & refractive glass shading. Without formal 3D education available at the time, with trial and error, acquired skills that allowed me to get into Film VFX.

2 editions



DasNeves is a Portuguese visual artist, who has worked on various films and TV series (amongst which the Hunger Games and Black Panther) as a VFX CG Supervisor and CG Artist.

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Issue #84

Week 16 2022

RedLion Run

The RedLion has a great future in front of him. The longer he runs, the more powerful he gets in the crypto world. We are living in a sci-fi world where the future gets created on a daily.

5 editions



An NFT artist and 3D animator from Ukraine creating spectacular animations.


Issue #83

Week 15 2022

Degen Monster

​​To be a degen is a state of mind. This monster is the one whispering in your ear, encouraging you to swiftly place your next bet and never look back.

11 editions

Epic Thundercat


Epic Thundercat is a multidisciplinary creative problem solver who creates both NFTs as well as traditional artwork. She’s also a featured artist at the Gutter Cat Gang.


Issue #82

Week 14 2022

Butterfly Chase

2 friends having the best time of their life, discovering that the yellow flowers field has more than just flowers. Will you come and find the camouflaged butterflies with them?

13 editions

Arief Putra


Arief Putra is a Published Children's Book Illustrator, who recently joined the NFT space and is rapidly taking off. An artist to expect great things from!

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Issue #81

Week 13 2022


Joy, freedom, playfulness. These are natural states of being for us. When we feel anything less than that, we have allowed something other than euphoria to influence us.

17 editions

Lily Lorelei


Lily Lorelei is an artist and writer creating imaginative characters and landscapes that will make you wonder.

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Issue #80

Week 12 2022

A Silent Day for You

Today is a day when you want a peaceful and silent day....! You want to wake up in the morning and have a good breakfast in silence and rest. Today is one of those days, isn't it? A day full of silence and peace ...so: just rest!

20 editions

Fatima yasrebi


Fatima Yasrebi is a 2D animator, director, and illustrator who creates emotion-packed artworks, often revolving around psychological themes.


Issue #79

Week 11 2022

Sine qua non

This artwork led me through the story of a girl trapped in her own illusion that she tries to run away from in order to start a new beginning.

12 editions

Paradigm Stories


Paradigm Stories is an artist from Portugal creating incredibly detailed surrealist illustrations, all hand-drawn on paper.


Issue #78

Week 10 2022


A city full of turbulence and unending joy.

16 editions

Tommy Taw


Tommy Taw is an illustrator and motion graphic designer from Thailand focused on architecture and surrealist illustrations.


Issue #77

Week 9 2022


Positive vibrations captured in vibrant colors, full of smiles and LOVE!

23 editions

Jason Naylor


Jason Naylor is an award-winning artist spreading LOVE through bright colors and messages. He has worked with multiple big brands, has been featured on various publications and his art can be found on different NFT platforms, under which SuperRare.