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Meet the CEO Creating NFTs from the Monuments He Helped Destroy

By documenting moments through NFTs, Devon Henry hopes to change the narrative of the colonial pa...


São Paulo Just Acquired a Player by Paying USDC, but There’s a Problem!

São Paulo paid $8 million USDC to the Argentinian team, Banfield, to acquire their midfielder, Gi...


Why Tesla Dumped 75% of its Bitcoin Holdings, and What it Means for the Coin’s Future

Elon Musk had called Bitcoin the “long-term potential” coin, but his company Tesla Motors recentl...


Rekt: Collector Scams Himself out of 100 ETH

The NFT space is full of scams but few people have managed to rek themselves as comprehensively a...


BAYC at Trial

The role of replicas in the NFT ecosystem and the power of legal action.


NFT NYC Roundup - The Good, The Bad And The Cringe

The fourth NFT NYC convention took place this week, with much anticipation and excitement carryin...


What If Bill Gates is Shortsighted?

Could Bill Gates’ opinion of cryptocurrency and Non-fungible tokens have been any further from th...


Starry Night Capital Moving NFTs

Does 3AC plan to liquidate?


Sartoshi & The Mfer Evolution

Popular NFT meme artist Sartoshi announced their departure from the NFT space and their “MFers” p...


Is The New BAYC Writer a Predator?

Why would BAYC hire a writer with such a dark history?


Former OpenSea Employee Charged with Fraud

Latest developments of OpenSea’s former head of product exploitative version of piracy


Bill Gates Behind Anti-Musk Letter!

What's stopping Free Speech, Experimentation & Right to information?


Is This Dead ICO Scam Coming Back to Life?

Sparkster is one of the highest profile ICO scams of the early crypto era, and after years of sil...


Court BANS the Sale of Bored Ape

In a landmark case, a Singapore court has blocked the sale of a BAYC NFT on OpenSea over a loan d...


Milady NFT Controversy Scandalizes the NFT Space – Or Not?

The hopes for a completely rational and fact-driven digital era have not yet come to pass.


TOP 5 Horror Stories from LUNA Crash

Luna sparked a massive downswing in the crypto markets this past week due to its de-pegging from ...


Lesson from Azuki Founder

What do Zagabond’s abandoned projects tell us about the future of Azuki?


The Dark Truth Behind Gary Vee’s Biggest Rug Pull

Gary Vee’s position as an NFT guru has always been tainted with accusations of rugs and empty pro...


SOLD: Elon Musk Buys Twitter

Here’s how Elon Musk might change Twitter


Milking the Birds

Ryan Carson, COO of Proof Collective and Moonbirds, has spectacularly abandoned the project 5 day...


How (NOT TO) Sell Plagiarised Art for $1.5 Million

The NFT space is rife with plagiarism, but few attempts are as audacious as trying to resell anot...


Moonbirds Mooning Algorithmically

Hype around Moonbirds is soaring and the collection continues to break records, but with new wall...