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What is Redlion News?

Founded by Redlioneye in Aug 2020, Redlion NEWS has developed into a community that values crypto education, NFT history and aspire to create critical thinking while remaining fun.

Redlion News is the first NFT Print Media Publisher and has successfully launched the Redlion Gazette as the first NFT Magazine which is our flagship product.

Having innovated a unique monetization mechanism through NFTs, we are bringing back journalism and history preservation as a service to the public, NOT as a product.

The NEWS part of our ecosystem covers daily NFT NEWS, discussions on our Discord server, Twitter and Instagram presence.

All content under the Redlion Logo is FREE - buying is optional.

What is the Redlion Gazette?

The Redlion Gazette (RLG) is the first NFT weekly publication.

Each week, we document all the NFT news and global historic events, which we then curate into interesting and educative articles and content.

The covers are all depictions of the News of that week filtered through the lens of many styles of Art. All our covers (so far) have been created by DUDLY mainly and a few early by Redlioneye. DUDLY is a truly multidisciplinary artist and all the different styles of art are created FROM SCRATCH by him.

RLG is a product of teamwork and includes a high amount of work and dedication to actually deliver amazing results. Most covers are created within 8-48 hrs, because of the unpredictability of big news during the week.

How Does The Redlion Gazette work?

Each week 200 editions are being minted (currently see more below)

Available from Sunday to Saturday. All subscribers have 8 weeks to mint an issue from the time it comes out.

The issuance will ONLY rise according to subscribers.


If we have 60 subs we will mint 100 gazettes If we have 90 subs we will mint 200 If we have 150 subs we will mint 250 If we have 210 subs we will mint 300If we have 350 subs we will mint 400So as the sub count rises, the open market issues decrease.

This logic partnered with the gradual weekly availability of Subs should ensure smooth distribution and sustainable growth

What are ArtDrops?

Each year has 52 weeks. Every week an artist is featured on the RLG of that week. So 52 artists are featured yearly in the communal RedLion Exclusive collection.

After the weekly RLG sale ends (SUNDAY-SATURDAY) all owners will be able to claim an exclusive artwork by the featured artist for 2 months at their convenience (and when GAS is low).

The ArtDrops are exclusive commissions that are ONLY available to the RLG owners of that week. The aim is to highlight good artistic work and ultimately to aspire artists to want to be featured on the RLG.

Therefore a nice win-win-win emerges. The artists get their work highlighted and also elegantly distributed to collectors who value it and actively seek it. RLG owners get beautiful artwork by established or up and coming cryptoartists, and we get the value of being able to offer that great deal.

ArtDrops are also a great way to get Cryptoart/NFT exposure affordably without the need of keeping up at all times.

ArtDrops are never used as a means to sell more Gazettes, just act as an amazing extra incentive. As stated the core idea is to promote Arts in an interesting -never been done before way.

We highly recommend following and supporting the featured artists.

Soon there will be a dedicated curator and the drops will be significantly upgraded-more info on that coming on Q4 2021.

What Are Subscriptions?

RedLion News was the first to introduce a subscription service.

Each subscription is an NFT that anyone can buy and guarantees the holder a certain amount of issues depending on the tier they bought.

Our subscriptions are tiered: Silver Lion Club, Gold Lion Club and Red Lion club

Our time unit is weeks, since the Gazette is a weekly publication

Silver Lion Club:

13 Weeks (~3months) 13 Gazettes + 13 Artworks for 0.6 (1 issue gratis ~8% discount)

Gold Lion Club:

26 Weeks (~6months) 26 Gazettes + 26 Artworks for 1.2 (2 issues gratis ~8% discount) 

Red Lion Club:

52 Weeks (~1 year)  52 Gazettes + 52 Artworks for 2.35  (5 issues gratis ~10% discount)

Our new subscription service also holds some cool innovation

When you click into the token and get to the NFT image, all the INFO displayed is LIVE, no need to refresh. The subs information is dynamically generated from the contract and displayed in real time on the token. This way you can keep up with the expiration of your subscription.

A limited number of subscribers will be allowed weekly, with the amount incrementally decreasing when subs sell out. This counter resets weekly.


Week 1 5 Silver 5 Gold 5 Red Available - if sold out, then the following week, only 4 of each will be available. No dramatic unforeseen rises and steady growth.

This mechanism incentivizes subscribers as they will not need to compete for weekly drops because the issuance will not rise too fast. Also allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to renewals.

Another extra benefit is that while subs will always be available the market cannot be inflated, so new users also don't feel left out.

In any case, we will be actively regulating and experimenting with this mechanism until we are perfectly happy with it.

Subscribers have 8 weeks ~ 2 months to claim their issues at their time of convenience when Gas is low. After that time the issues will be burned and the supply of that issue will be permanent.

When you buy a subscription it starts from the next week from the time of purchase!

The subscription also gives the owner their role on the Red Lion Discord server.

What is Redlion Studios?

Redlion Studios is our print media publishing platform. Original content in the form of comic books, graphic novels, magazines, books and many more.

All releases will be properly cataloged, with scheduled on-time drops.

Learn more about Studios

Visit Studios

What is ARTCODE?

Artcode is our second magazine to be released - More info coming soon