Redlion Studios

Print media is not dead. It just needs re-imagining.

Print media NFT Platform

Redlion Studios is our NFT platform with laser focus on print media content. We believe in print media as an artform and we are on a mission to bring it back to the spotlight through disruption and top quality content.

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What types of Print Media?

  • Comic Books

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

  • Graphic Novels

  • Books

  • Coffee table / Photo books

  • Newsletters

  • And much more

How does the production work?

We are very happy to have partnered up with an incredible project, ETHMEN.

We are collaborating on creating new and exciting IPs native to the crypto/NFT sphere. On top of that we will be collaborating with other projects or indie creators to bring you new and exciting kickass content with safety and curation by the Redlion team.