Rarible Minting Guide

This is your complete guide to minting on Rarible

Fri 23rd Jul 2021

Step 1

Go the Rarible website and connect your wallet For this guide, we’ll be using Metamask but you can use any of the wallets listed below. 

Step 2

Click on the “CREATE” button on the top right corner 

Step 3

Choose if you want a “Single” collectible or a “Multiple” collectible.

“Single” (ERC721) collectible will only create a 1 out of 1 NFT 

“Multiple” (ERC1155) collectible will allow you to create as many of the NFT you want to.

Step 4

Upload your file Here you can choose to upload a PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4 or MP3. With a file size up to 30Mb.

Choose the file you want and just click on it.

If you are uploading an MP4 file you will need to upload a cover or else the NFT will show up blank in Rarible. So, upload another file that you would like to be the cover of your NFT. We recommend uploading a gif of your NFT so that it will show up moving when previewing your NFT.

Once you have uploaded everything you’ll be able to see a preview of your NFT. If everything looks correct you can move on to the next step.

Step 5

Setting your price Next you’ll see three switches. The first one is automatically on. This switch means that you want to put your NFT on sale for some currency and by turning it off you will be giving away your NFT.

The second one is to set a price for your NFT. By turning it on you will be able to set a price for how ever much you want to sell your NFT for. By leaving it off this will allow for buyers to bid on your work. You are also able to accept currencies like $ETH, $DAI, $RARI, and $ATRI. 

On the third switch, you will be able to put unlockable content for your NFT. Unlockable content will only come available after the NFT is transferred. In here you can put secret messages and other cool and creative things.

Timeout before we get to the next step, let me explain the difference between an ERC-721 and an ERC-1155.

An ERC-721 represents one single asset of a certified good. In the case of this guide, your NFT is an ERC-721. An ERC-1155 represents a collection of assets and allows for faster transfers of batches of multiple tokens. In this guide, the collection is the ERC-1155. 

Step 6

Choose which collectible you want your NFT to be a part of. The Rarible collection is what most artists mint under. This is a ERC-1155 contract that rarible offers.  But you can create your own collection to make your NFT more personal. The only thing is it will cost ETH to create.

If you choose to create your own collection you must enter the name of the collection the symbol and create a short URL. You can also add a description to your newly created collection. 

Step 7

Finalize  Now you will name your NFT and you can also add a description. A description can be anything from a description of the NFT to a story behind the NFT.

Next you will set your royalties and number of copies ( “Number of copies” is not an option if you chose a single collectible back in step 3). Royalties are the percentage of sale you get when your NFT is sold in the secondary market. 

Here you can put your properties like how big the file is and the height and width of your NFT.

Step 8

Click on the Create item button  Once you click on it a window will popup.

From here your wallet will open up and ask you to confirm the transaction.

After you confirm the transaction, Rarible will start uploading your file. Then it will start to call the smart contract to mint your NFT. Your wallet will then again open and ask you to confirm the GAS it will take to mint your token. You can edit the amount of GWEI and doing this will impact the price of GAS you pay. But remember to be cautious about the amount of GAS you pay as GAS can shoot up in price.

The last thing to do is sign the sell order. Your wallet will open up again and all you have to do is hit confirm. Then you are done. Good luck and we can't wait to see what you create!