NodeRunners ETH-MEN Staking Guide

Node Runners has launched their NFT staking platform! Allowing ETH-MEN figures to be staked to earn NDR!

Fri 23rd Jul 2021

Step 1

Go the Node Runners website and connect your wallet

Note: We are going to use Brave browser (Chromium Based) in this guide, which is compatible with the Metamask extension we'll be using. If you are not familiar with Metamask, please check out our guide found here. 

Step 2

Click the 'Stake NFT' button in the navigation menu, then click the large 'Connect to to your Metamask Wallet' button in the middle of the page.

You'll be prompted by Metamask to sign a 'Set Approval For All' transaction pointing to Also be sure to note the abbereviated Ethereum address of the Node Runners contract (0x33b8...eD89).

After careful inspection click 'Confirm' to sign this transaction..

Step 3

Now that you have your wallet connected to simply scroll down the page until you see 'ETH-MEN'. Next, click the 'Approve Card' button to allow any eligible ETH-MEN figures to be added to Node Runners for staking.

Step 4

After a short wait, once your signed transaction is processed, the 'Approve Cards' button will change to 'Stake Cards'. Next, click the 'Stake Cards' button.

You'll be presented with the ETH-MEN figure(s) you previously approved for Node Runners staking.

Step 5

Select the figure(s) you wish to stake and then click 'Stake Cards. Note the staking strength specified beneath each figure. Some figures have a higher staking strength than others. How much NDR you earn will be determined by your cumulative staking strength.

Once your transaction has been processed you will see your staked ETH-MEN figure beneath a readout displaying your total staked strength as well as your resulting NDR earned daily.

That's it! You are now earning NDR with your staked ETH-MEN figure! As you continue to collect more ETH-MEN figures you can add them for Node Runners Staking as well. Simply repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 to approve and stake your additional ETH-MEN figures.

You might consider collecting multiple figures before staking all of them at once. This will likely help save significantly on ETH gas fees over time.

With your full colleciton of ETH-MEN staked (Only 1 of each unique figure) you can see how much more NDR you'll be earning per day.

Step 6

After a bit of time has passed, and you've earned a suitable amount of NDR you may choose to 'Claim NDR'. (Plan to stake long enough to cover for ETH gas fees)

You are also free to 'Unstake' any / all of you ETH-MEN figures at any time.

Of course, you will stop earning NDR once you do!