MEME Buying Guide

If you have never purchased MEME you will need a browser with MetaMask installed as well as some ETH in your MetaMask wallet.

Fri 23rd Jul 2021

You can find the MEME contract address HERE

As well as detailed video instructions how to add the token to Uniswap for trading here:

You can read about the MEME project in detail HERE

Once you have your MEME tokens you are ready to begin.

A timer for each ‘Collection’ marks the start of when staking begins. You will want to have your MetaMask Gas settings set to ‘fast’ to enter the pool as quickly as possible.

Select ‘Manage Stake’ and input the number of MEME you wish to stake. It is advisable to send the transaction with high gas so you are among the first to join the pool. Once your address is added to the pool you can begin staking MEME to earn Pineapples.

It takes ~ 3 days to earn 15 Pineapples.

Once you accumulate 15 Pineapples you can afford to mint the most affordable artwork available.

You can choose to continue staking for another 3 days to earn a total of 30 Pineapples.

Finally, you could wait to accumulate 45 Pineapples to mint the top-tier artwork available in the collection.