Meebits Animation Guide

Let's learn together how to bring your static dead Meebit to life with animations.

Mon 28th Jun 2021

If you belong to happy Meebit owners you are privileged to download .vox files from your Meebit profile page. If you were not able to scoop one up, don't worry, you can get our voxel mascot by purchasing issue #34. So you will have the same fun but cheaper.

You know how to import to but you want to learn how to fix the arms and legs that are not bending? Jump to the Advanced Guide right now.


Step 1

Download the 3D Voxel Model File (T-Pose)

First, you need to unlock the download section by signing with your MetaMask wallet. Then you can proceed and download the T-Pose version .vox file of your Meebit.

Step 2

Install MagicaVoxel

Download free voxel graphic editor MagicaVoxel here. Extract the downloaded package on your drive and run the app.

Step 3

Open your .vox file in MagicaVoxel and export it to .obj

You need to expand the export menu in the bottom right corner of the app. Click on OBJ and save.

Step 4

Package the exported files into .zip archive

In your export folder, you will find 3 files. (.obj, .mtl, .png). Create new .zip file using your file archiver software.

Step 5

Create your account on

Head over to and create a new account if you already don't have one. 

Log in to Mixano and you will see  just a default character.

Step 6

Upload your Meebit to

Click the 'UPLOAD CHARACTER' button in the right bar and drag your .zip package zou made into the upload box.

After uploading you will see your Meebit model. No need for adjusting anything just proceed with 'NEXT' button.

OK. Now you have to to drag the markers on your model and switch the Skeleton LOD  to 'No Fingers (25)'.

When you are done with marker placement and you have the right Skeleton LOD selected continue with 'NEXT'.

You will see your Meebit in a preview animation and if there is no fatal glitch you can confirm with 'NEXT' button. Otherwise take a step back and try to realign the markers.

Note: The arms and legs may not be bending correctly, depends on your Meebit model. We will break down this issue in the advanced Guide section below.

Once your model is rigged you can choose from countless animations to make your Meebit move. You can download the animated model as FBX or Collada file format and use it in other 3D software or Metaverse.

Advanced Guide

Why the heck my Meebits arms and legs not bending?

If you read through this thread you will find the answer. Took me some time to find the cause of the 'crippled' arms and legs.

So how to solve it?

Solving the issue takes some MagicaVoxel edits to your model. I will add a full guide later this week.

But for those who know how to work in MagicaVoxel already, I will provide a quick tip.

All that is needed for auto rigging algorithm to work is to add a color border at the elbows and knees areas.

My example here with red stripes is just for showing the placement but you should use just a slightly shifted color tone to keep Meebit visually untouched. In my example above, the legs with camo pants don't need any edit as there is a color variation from the factory. Same for the wrist. But some Meebits will need this color trick applied on all joints - wrists, elbows, knees.

Don't hesitate to hop on our Discord to get more help.