YOLO Fantasy NFT Statistics: Supporting Female Digital Artists

YOLO Fantasy NFT Statistics: Supporting Female Digital Artists

The NFT space is no stranger to record sales and huge collections. Despite all the revenue and adoption, the works of female digital artists lag far behind their male counterparts. YOLO Fantasy is an NFT collection that is changing this fact. The collection supports women as part of a larger ecosystem. Holding a YOLO Fantasy NFT provides entry to the YOLO Holiday NFT community. YOLO Holiday is a large-scale art project that showcases the works of female digital artists all over the world. The end goal of YOLO Holiday is to support women and encourage their artistic expression

YOLO Fantasy encourages women in the digital art space to release their work. The ecosystem gives them exposure plus support and motivation from internationally recognized female artists. 

Collectors who purchase the YOLO Fantasy NFT become members of the YOLO Holiday Club. They also have the opportunity to interact with artists directly. Additionally, collectors receive priority whitelist to subsequent YOLO NFT art, gain visitor rights to YOLO's metaverse, and hold commercial rights to their NFTs.

YOLO NFT Statistics

YOLO Fantasy was launched in September 2022. The collection contains a total of 3,309 unique pieces of art. As of the time of this writing, the collection has 1,959 unique owners and a floor price of $0.065 on Opensea. Although the price has taken a slight dip recently, the project is still highly regarded due to its support for female digital artists. Check out the collection's price performance in the charts below.

YOLO Fantasy price performance in ETH. Source_ Coingecko 

YOLO Price performance in USD. Source_ Coingecko

A Fantasy-filled Future

YOLO Fantasy is dreaming big about its future. The project is developing a metaverse space. It'll feature virtual galleries and exhibition halls where collectors can explore a diverse range of digital art. It also plans on organizing seminars and exchange programs for international female artists in their metaverse. Lastly, the project intends to launch its own NFT platform where it will promote NFTs for its community.

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