Top Crypto and NFT Events You Should Attend this Fall

Top Crypto and NFT Events You Should Attend this Fall

It does not matter what the prevailing market situation is, industry leaders and key innovators in the crypto space are not slowing down. They know that the crypto space in its entirety has the capacity to positively disrupt a large portion of the global industry, creating unique solutions and introducing new ways of getting things done.

If you wish to be at the cutting edge of innovations in the crypto space, then it is my pleasure to bring to your notice some of the top crypto events that will be taking place this Fall.

Digital Asset Summits

Coincidentally, this is the only institutional summit that is currently established in the crypto space and it is hosted by Blockworks. This summit is scheduled to be held across two locations in London and New York and is set to feature key leaders in the world of finance and digital assets. 

Issues around the deployment of digital assets in the traditional business environment will likely dominate discussions. Already, the New York event was held between September 13th and 14th, while the London event is slated to hold between October 17th and 18th, 2022.

Lisbon Blockchain Week and Web Summit

Dubbed as Europe’s crypto capital, Lisbon is getting ready to host the Lisbon blockchain week between October 28 and November 7. It will all start with ETH Lisbon between October 28 and 30, immediately followed by the Web Summit from November 1 till November 4. It will then host the Solana Breakpoint between November 4-7.

Expect several tech experts and leading blockchain industry leaders to announce their presence at this week-long event.

Token 2049

If you reside in Europe or Asia, then this is an important event you should attend. In fact, Token 2049 is regarded as the flagship event of the Asia Crypto Week and is set to feature some of the foremost web3 companies and industry leaders who will come to exchange ideas and discuss how to move the crypto space forward over the next year. 

The event dates are September 28 and 29 in Singapore and November 8 and 9 in London. You sure don’t want to miss it!

Mainnet by Messari

As is always the case, this event is hosted by Messari and is expected to be an agenda-setting occasion. It will be attended by experts, developers, and several leading figures in the crypto space. The whole idea behind the event is to craft thoughts that will help set the pace for the continued relevance of the crypto economy.

This annual event is set to be held in New York from September 21st to September 23rd, 2022.

Final Thoughts

Now is the time to get ready. It's time for a long adventure into the future of cryptocurrency.

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