Top-10 NFT Flippers of 2021

Top-10 NFT Flippers of 2021

The art of the “flip” takes time to master and the people on this list are what we considered pros. Flipping an NFT for profit not only takes a good sense of timing, but it requires you to be plugged in to the right communities, following the right projects and influencers and sometimes being in the right place at the right time. For example, the floor pieces from one project that launched last week for 1 ETH are already selling for over 6 ETH. Those kinds of immense profits are typically reserved for those who are “already in the know,” meaning, you need to know where to look. 

10. Shilpixels

Shilpixels has made around a profit of 2.5k ETH from flipping NFTs. A majority of the NFT shilpixels has flipped are CryptoPunks and Meebits. In fact, Shilpixels has sold a total of 168 punks, selling one, punk #9982, for 149 ETH

9. VonMises

VonMises has made around 1.4k ETH in profit from flipping. VonMises made a majority of the profit by flipping different Art Blocks projects, the highest of which was Chromie Squiggle #4008, which sold for 250 ETH. The overall highest sale VonMises made was Autoglyph #392, which sold for 375 ETH. 

8. TokenAngels

TokenAngels made a profit of 1.4k ETH this year by mainly flipping CryptoPunks. The highest punk sale made by TokenAngles was punk #3011, which sold for 400 ETH. Another notable sale was Meebit 19729 that sold for 245 ETH. 

7. NateAlex

Prominent collector NateAlex made a profit of 1.02k ETH this year by selling a variety of Art Blocks, CryptoPunks, and Hashmasks. The highest sale made by NateAlex was punk #9844, which sold for 269 ETH

6. Rudya

Rudya has made a fortune off of flipping Art Blocks. So far, Rudya has made a profit of around 2.21k ETH from flipping. The highest sale made by Rudya was Ringers #220, which sold for 750 ETH. Rudya also made 370 ETH by selling Ringers #360

5. Zonked

Zonked is another flipper that has made it big because of Art Blocks. We’re seeing a pattern here… To date, Zonked has made around 2.03k ETH from flipping. His most notable sale was Chromie Squiggle #4697, which went for 945 ETH, the highest sale ever for a Chromie Squiggle. His other significant sale was Archetype #527, which sold for 135 ETH. 


4. Shaw

Shaw is an unknown flipper that has made tons of money by mainly flipping CryptoPunks. In total, Shaw has made a profit of around 9.24k ETH this year. Shaw has sold a ridiculous 230 punks, the highest selling for 170 ETH, punk #8842. This year, Shaw was able to sell 26 punks that each went for more than 100 ETH.   


3. Pranksy

Pranksy is by far the biggest spender out of all of the names listed. His big spending has led him to flip a lot of different projects. This year, Pranksy made a profit of around 4.8k ETH from flipping. One of his highest sales was punk #2140, which sold for 750 ETH. Pranksy could have been higher on this list if he hadn’t sold a majority of his Bored Apes collection early on. 


2. Anon

An anonymous flipper was able to make about 5k ETH in profit this year by mainly flipping Art Blocks projects. The amount of different Art Blocks NFTs this seller flipped is impressive. Over the past year, they sold more than 500 Chromie Squiggles. 


Keyboard Monkey

1. Keyboard Monkey 

Although Keyboard Monkey didn’t have the highest profit margin, only around 2.5k ETH, he did have the most significant flip of the year, and for that, he takes the number one spot. In a span of three months, Keyboard Monkey was able to buy a complete set of Series 0-5 from Deafbeef’s collection for around 110 ETH, only to later sell it for 2275 ETH. Besides this massive sale, he also sold Autoglyph #336 for 384 ETH.

Honorable Mention:

Moineau: this anonymous flipper outperformed everyone on this list with fewer transactions. But, because they are not an active flipper they did not make the list. 

Our rankings are based on data provided by Nansen.

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