Street Machine NFT Statistics: The Rise of the Story-Based NFT

Street Machine NFT Statistics: The Rise of the Story-Based NFT

One of the next evolutionary trends in NFTs, Street Machine is a story-based NFT collection that blurs the line between NFT art and comic book IP. It infuses life into flat JPEGs and makes them into characters that live through a complete story arc. The NFT collection draws inspiration from sci-fi and cyberpunk pop culture.

Street Machine chooses the route of anime-styled NFTs to take collectors on a ride. Here, collectors are taken on a story-based ride where they fight alongside their characters and experience the journey from start to finish. With the Street Machine collection, NFTs are transformed into characters, and characters are placed into storylines. Ultimately, storylines are made into IP franchises. 

This NFT collection is the handicraft of the award-winning game designer, SpenzerG He is the designer of popular games, PUBG, King of Glory, and Venom 2.

Street-Wise Statistics

With its early October launch, Street Machine hasn't generated too much market data. However, the initial metrics have been impressive. Beyond market data, the collection contains 8000 hand-drawn NFTs that boast more than 500 unique traits, along with a generous number of one-of-one NFTs. 

As of the time of writing, the collection has 2696 unique owners and is trading at 0.36ETH on Opensea. Below are metrics that showcase how impressive the project has been since its launch.

Price performance in ETH: Source_ coingecko

Price performance in USD: Source_Coingecko

The Streetmap

Street Machine considers the community to be at the core of its existence. The project aims to invite active participation from the community to co-create stories. Holders will have the opportunity to contribute to stories and have their characters featured. Individual characters can be featured as extras or leads depending on the community votes.

At the moment, the focus is on the NFT launch as well as the release of its initial novel. You can have a sneak peek into the first chapter of the novel here. Street Machine aims to ultimately dive into games, physical collectibles, fan art, and merch. It also has the intention of becoming an IP franchise as its character collection becomes more popular.

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