Renga NFT Statistics: Where Art is told Tale by Tale

Renga NFT Statistics: Where Art is told Tale by Tale

Painted in characters and told in stories, Renga is an NFT collection that unravels the mystery of individual character. Just like its Japanese connotation, it is a sequence of tales that is told, shared, and celebrated by the community in the Renga universe. All made possible by the ever-present, yet enigmatic black box.

Yet, at a second glance, Renga has its foundation set in bricks, where each block is carefully placed on the other to create a strong wall, or you can call it community, where no individual is greater than the collective, and the urge to create builds a genuine bond that works for the good of all. You can always look forward to the next brick as it promises surprises, mystery, and intrigue.

Telling the Tale in Numbers

You only need to await the magic of the black box to see the next character to be unveiled by DirtyRobot, the artist who continues to craft the enigma of Renga. Renga might still be in its infancy as it was only launched in September 2022, but it is beginning to gain momentum.

The collection contains about 7,600 NFTs as of the time of this writing, though the number is expected to grow to a total of 10,000. Its total trading volume has shot to 8,205 ETH, while its floor price stands at 1.58ETH.

Below are charts showing Renga’s price performance and related statistics since launch:

Renga price performance:

Source_ Opensea Renga transaction and liquidity:

Source_ NFTgo Renga holders and traders performance:

Source_NFTgo Into the Future

Renga aims to keep its core values of storytelling into the future. The project will keep adding new media to perpetually spread its story, leveraging the diverse attributes of its characters and the wonders of the black box to create colourful personalities that are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail.

The story might only just begin but you better get ready for a rollercoaster where art and tales bind together, guided by the skills of DirtyRobot, the craftman, and under the tutelage, dedication, and vision of the project team.

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