Probably Nothing NFT Statistics: Its Definitely Something

Probably Nothing NFT Statistics: Its Definitely Something

The Probably Nothing Genesis NFT collection is simplistic at its finest, yet carries a lot of utility for the burgeoning Probably Nothing project. The weight placed on the collection and its level of integration into its main project ecosystem makes a mockery of the name tag on it. This is because its use cases are tangible and definitely count for something.

What is it about?

Created in April 2022, the Probably Nothing collection is meant to be a collector’s pass to the action-packed and rich ecosystem of its parent company. The NFT grants holders additional access and an upgraded experience in the Probably Nothing ecosystem.

Some of the benefits outlined for collectors include NFT drops, educational content, TV shows, exclusive events, fashion events, and more.

The Statistics are Definitely Something

The Probably Nothing Genesis collection contains a total of 7,676 NFTs which serve as passes to the Probably Nothing ecosystem. The collection currently has a total volume of 858ETH, 4,287 unique owners, and a current floor price at 0.07ETH on Opensea.

Below are key performance metrics of the collection over the past seven days:


See 90 days price performance from Opensea below:

Source_ Opensea

Onto a Tangible Future

The Probably Nothing project team believes that NFTs will become the standard way to access software and other utilities in the near future. To this end, it expects its genesis NFT to become integral to the future of web3.

At the moment, the Probably Nothing ecosystem has launched the Americana Marketplace which is only accessible to token holders and NFT collectors. The marketplace enables users to sell physical items as NFTs. The project is also working on unlocking more features for NFT holders which will include gated access to NFT education, shows, events, and experiences.

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