NFT Metaverse Gaming Just Found a New Home in SouthEast Europe

NFT Metaverse Gaming Just Found a New Home in SouthEast Europe

The metaverse is already believed to be the next iteration of the internet. When it is fully developed, it is bound to transform all aspects of human interactions - from business to gaming, social media, fashion, entertainment, and more. Despite these potentials, the closest we have come to experiencing the metaverse is in gaming where Play-to-Earn has created a new wave of NFT-metaverse economy.

In recent times, we have seen the emergence of NFT metaverse gaming projects such as Axie Infinity and Fortnite that have transformed the gaming landscape and a company like Microsoft buying out gaming company Activision Blizzard.

More recently, however, Eastern Europe is gradually becoming the new hotbed for the most fascinating NFT metaverse gaming projects.

The Silicon Valley of Europe

Metaverse gaming projects around the world have been raising funds recently, and startups in Eastern Europe have not been left out of the windfall. In fact, eastern Europe is fast becoming the hub for some of the most innovative NFT gaming projects and the region has been dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Europe”.

In 2021 alone, startups in East Europe raised over $2.5 billion with projects in Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Cyprus, and Bulgaria, catching the interest of top global venture capital firms. With the rate of innovation in the region, this trend is bound to continue.

Some of the factors attributed to helping this cause include a high computer literacy rate, fast internet connections, and top-grade infrastructures supporting the growing number of tech experts in the region.

NFT Metaverse Startups in Eastern Europe

Corb Project

Founded by Adrei Tarnauk, this is one of the most exciting NFT gaming projects in Eastern Europe at the moment. Though still relatively young as it was launched in September 2021, this Romanian-based project is on the verge of launching its game, Crow’s Nest. Crow’s Nest is a role-playing game (RPG) where Pirates captain ships and discover treasures. Expectedly, in-game NFTs include guns, swords, and ships, among others.


Founded by Constantino Roselli, NTZNS is a 3D digital fashion design studio that designs outfits for influencers, avatars, and metahumans in the metaverse. With the rise of notable NFT gaming projects in the region, it is expected that NTZNS will eventually work with some of the biggest NFT gaming brands.

Mass Horizons

Founded by Nadia Danova, this Bulgarian-based project recently announced its 3D metaverse NFT project (though no details yet). However, this has come as no surprise as the project has been working on interactive metaverse gamification since it was founded in 2019.

Other similar projects:


The VCs have already shed the light on East Europe and from all indications, the region has all it takes to be the new home of NFT metaverse gaming.

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