Gutter Cat Gang NFT Statistics: The Inner City Where Cats Reign

Gutter Cat Gang NFT Statistics: The Inner City Where Cats Reign

The Gutter Cat Gang is an NFT collection that is set in a post-apocalyptic universe. In this universe, humans have vacated Earth, and the Gutter is a booming inner city where animals live. Rats, pigeons, and dogs all occupy the lower hierarchy in the Gutter Gang society. Here, cats are kings, and they reign above all other creatures.

Collectors who hold the Gutter Cat Gang NFT will gain access to an underground web3 social club where their NFT serves as a membership pass. The species of NFT they hold (cat, dog, pigeon, or rat) determines the level of access and perks that they get in the Gutter Cat Gang community.

The Gutter Cat Gang also has a supplement collection known as the Gutter Clone. The Gutter Clones are derivatives of the original collection.

Inner City Statistics

The Gutter Cat Gang collection has been around since June 2021. The collection has a total of 3,000 unique NFTs and a floor price of 4.13ETH on Opensea as of the time of this writing. It has over 25,000 ETH in transaction volume with 1,752 unique owners. Below are key price performance statistics.

Gutter Cat Gang Key Performance Metrics:

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Three months' price performance in USD:

Source: Coingecko

Three months’ price performance in ETH:

Source: Opensea

Plans for the Future

The Gutter Cat Gang has big plans for the future. The NFT serves as the gateway to all events and future perks that will be made available to the community. This social club has already launched its first gutter comic called “Tales from the Gutter.” The club is also working on releasing gutter art which community members can get as part of community perks. Most ambitious of all, the club plans on building a gutter city in the metaverse in the near future. This city is expected to be built in Sandbox. Cats in a sandbox? Sounds about right!

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