EA Sports games will integrate Nike NFTs into their games

EA Sports games will integrate Nike NFTs into their games

Nike Virtual Studios and EA SPORTS have announced a groundbreaking partnership with the aim of elevating and personalizing the virtual sports experience for fans worldwide. This collaboration unites two major powerhouses in the realms of sports and entertainment, and will introduce fresh avenues for members of Nike's digital community experience, .SWOOSH, as well as EA SPORTS enthusiasts, to express their individual style through gameplay.

.SWOOSH serves as the platform for all virtual creations by Nike. These digital creations typically encompass interactive items like virtual shoes or jerseys, which can be worn as wearable assets within video games or other immersive experiences.

"We are thrilled to partner with Nike as we share a commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence, […] This collaboration will enable us to deliver incredible new experiences for our .SWOOSH community and the vast EA SPORTS fan base.”

expressed Ron Faris, General Manager of Nike Virtual Studios.

Recently, on May 15, .Swoosh, which is currently in its beta phase, unveiled its inaugural NFT sneaker collection known as "Our Force 1." This collection pays homage to Nike's highly popular Air Force 1 sneakers. As per data from Polygonscan (a blockchain explorer for the Polygon ecosystem, Polygon block explorer shows you details of all the tokens), an impressive number of over 97,000 NFTs from the Our Force 1 collection have been purchased by nearly 53,000 different addresses.

Access to the Our Force 1 collection is exclusive to individuals with .Swoosh IDs, which are essential for entry into the NFT platform. Following the initial release, Nike conducted a general access sale starting on May 24, which concluded in the early morning hours of Thursday, June 1. Andrea Hopelain, Senior Vice President of Brand for EA SPORTS & Racing, stated :

"At EA SPORTS, we are dedicated to spearheading the next phase of sports fandom, and this exciting collaboration with our long-standing partners at Nike perfectly merges innovation, sports, and culture. Through our work with .SWOOSH, we will prioritize creativity and self-expression, allowing fans to connect, compete, and share their passion for sports."

Further details regarding the integration of the .SWOOSH community with future EA SPORTS experiences will be unveiled in the coming months.

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