CyberKongz NFT Statistics: The Woke Kongz of the Blockchain

CyberKongz NFT Statistics: The Woke Kongz of the Blockchain

You think apes aren’t smart? I bet you have yet to meet CyberKongz, the most unique and socially evolved kongs you can ever find on the blockchain. These social avatars have grown to be the most technologically advanced specie that will not stop any time soon.

Comprising an impressive collection that consists of both PFP NFTs and next-level voxel-based 3D art, CyberKongz is showing just how much the Kongs can evolve in the jungle without ever giving up their most precious meal - the banana.

CyberKongz’ Story

CyberKongz is one of the few NFT projects to have grown organically since it was created. Comprising a unique collection of 1000 generative NFTs, the project launched in March 2021 without the typical fanfare, ads, and promotions that follow most blockchain projects. 

Its community started to grow as curious collectors and traders discovered the project on Opensea and talked about its potential on social media. At inception, CyberKongz selling point was its NFT size which fitted perfectly for profile pictures across popular social media. It was only a matter of time before this uniqueness met the NFT frenzy of 2021.

Emergence and Growth

As CyberKongz grew in popularity, the consciousness of building a community-led project led to new ideas, one of which is the creation of the $BANANA token. The Kongz collection has since been expanded to include Baby Kongz and CyberKongz VX collections, where baby Kongz are bred by combining two genesis Kongz.

At launch, art in the collection was sold for 0.01ETH. It has since risen to a floor price of 17.99ETH, with a total of 440 unique owners while amassing a trading volume totaling 27.0K ETH on Opensea as of the time of writing.


See key metrics from nft-stats below

CyberKongz price performance in USD


Kongceiving the Future

The introduction of the Baby Kongz and CyberKongz VX collection is expected to usher CyberKongs into the metaverse in the form of 3D voxel-based avatars.

At present the project is already working in conjunction with The Sandbox to introduce its NFTs into the virtual world. It is also working on acquiring lands in other metaverses to build social spaces for collection holders, among other utilities. There is also the rumour of an impending partnership with although there is no concrete evidence at this stage.

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