CryptoDickbutts NFT Statistics: From a Joke to a Serious Joke

CryptoDickbutts NFT Statistics: From a Joke to a Serious Joke

Dickbutts were introduced by comic writer K.C. Green in 2006 and ever since the meme has become a regular on social media platforms. Its rise to prominence came along with the emergence of web3 culture and the NFT. With no roadmap and no initial designated purpose, CryptoDickbutts has continued to attain new milestones.

This piece looks into how far the NFT collection has come, climbing the ladder from a joke to becoming a ‘serious joke’ in the NFT community. 

The Beginning

The CDB collection launched on Ethereum in March 2021, debuting with 161 generative arts that are now classified as the OG Collection. It quickly became popular among holders of Crypto Punks who saw it as an opportunity to grow the Dickbutts community. The Series 3 soon followed in August 2021 containing 5200 NFT with unique traits like eyes, nose, shoes, hats, skins, and butts. Of the 5200, 14 are classified as One-of-One, one of which sold at a primary price of 69 ETH in October 2021.


Since the launch of the collection, CDB has seen its stock rise among NFT collections. At the moment there are two CDB categories on Opensea - the OG collection and the Series 3 collection. Having debuted at an initial price of 0.052 ETH, the collection has drastically bulked up in price ever since.

The OG collection currently has a floor price of 8.18 ETH and a total of 111 collectors with the most expensive art at 133 ETH as of the time of this writing. The Series 3 currently has a floor price of 3.5 ETH and a total of 1,729 owners. The most expensive art in the collection currently has a price of 69,420.69 ETH ($129,281,456.78). This is a staggering amount for a collection that came to the limelight a little over a year ago.

Holistically, here are stats of the CDB NFT collection


CryptoDickbutt Sales Chart (Based on last sales)

Note: About 10% of CDB sales sold for <=$1,375, while half of the sales went for <=$1,647. The highest 10% sold for >=$3,282

According to data from Opensea, over the past 30 days, CryptoDickbutts has remained the 23rd most traded NFT collection accumulating a trading volume worth 2,743 ETH which is a 583% growth in volume. Decrypt had reported on this surge on August 7(details here). It accumulated 834 secondary market sales in the process with a 33% increase in unique owners.

Partnerships and Prospects

Aside from the gaming and merchandise initiative spearheaded by the CDB DAO, the project has also struck up partnerships that NFT holders can benefit from. It has secured a partnership with Silver Jet on 15% and 10% private flight discounts for OG and Series 3 members, respectively. It has also secured a metaverse VR partnership with Naughty America and has established links with artists such as CryptoSergs and Killer Acid.

The project intends to secure more partnerships and utilities that will benefit its NFT holders in the near future.


CryptoDickbutt is a typical success story of an NFT collection in the face of market dominance by blue chip projects. In just over a year, CDB has transformed from a joke meme to a ‘serious joke’ NFT collection.  Expect even more success from this project in the near future.

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