Farts in Jars

Farts in Jars

Reality star and influencer Stephanie Matto, Connecticut chick born in 1990, started an extraordinary business venture. Something so wild and bizarre, it is difficult to comprehend. This Idea came from numerous requests of her fans, to send them worn parts of her clothing and more. And believe it or not, business was booming! 

Steph was selling her winds up to $1000 per jar, harvesting $200.000 before she allegedly ended up in hospital for squeezing out one too many! Average human bottom burps 5-15 times a day, but this entrepreneur's hard work resulted in 100 jars sold in 2 days! It takes a special diet full of brussel sprouts, beans and eggs to produce so many quality gas cans. What a publicity stunt!

Stephanie explained the harvesting of her natural resources in one of many interviews, by farting directly onto fabric flower petals for better absorption of the aroma and stored in a jar!

Luckily the hospital trip mentioned before was just a scare, but even so, doctors prescribed a less explosive diet. Sorry guys, no more physical gas. 

But all is not lost here! Stephanie Matto released 5000 “Fart Jars” NFTs this week. Each priced at 0.05ETH for minting. There seems to be some traction with the growing discord community of more than 3000 members and rising. We are looking forward to seeing if this is the holy 100x grail.

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